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The butterfly, an ancient Christian symbol of Christ's death and resurrection, provides the central metaphor of the Chrysalis weekend. The life cycle of the butterfly marvelously illustrates the journey of spiritual growth into which Chrysalis invites young people. Beginning life as a caterpillar, the butterfly undergoes an amazing transformation during the chrysalis stage, dying to its old self so that it can become what it is ment to be. (*)


Chrysalis is an interdenominational, interracial, and international ministry for youth and young adults. Led by adults and young people who have experienced a three-day event.

Chrysalis developed in response to numerous requests for a spiritual renewal movement for youth and young adults. Like The Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis provides a 72-hour "short course" in Christianity during which participants live in Christian community, hear and respond to fifteen talks on God's grace and Christian discipleship, and attend worship services, some of which include celebration of Holy Communion. Prayer under-girds the entire three days-before, during, and after.

Each year thousands of young people experience God's transforming love and grace by attending a Chrysalis weekend. Many of them testify that they truly came to know Christ for the first time on their Chrysalis event. Others find new inspiration and insights that cause them to renew their relationship with God and the church. Some even hear a call to ordained ministry through Chrysalis.

Youth and adult members of the Emmaus/Chrysalis community support each three-day event by praying, preparing and serving meals, and performing other acts of love. As in The Walk to Emmaus, males and females attend separate events.


Chrysalis aims to support the church's efforts to guide the spiritual formation of Christian young people. It provides young people in the church with a course in the essentials of Christian faith and practice that is both educational and experiential. During the three-day course, Chrysalis participants become a Christian community. Together they experience the living Christ through a daily pattern of worship and reflection, systematic teaching and small-group dialogue, creative expression and play, prayer, and signs of support from the wider Chrysalis and Emmaus communities. As a result, young people grow spiritually in a variety of ways that lead to wholeness and increased readiness to live out their Christian discipleship in today's world.

The Chrysalis event calls young people to receive the dynamic friendship God offers through Jesus Christ, to become the unique and beautiful expressions of God's image they were created to be, and to grow together in the grace and love of Jesus Christ as servants of God in church and society. After the three-day experience, Chrysalis encourages young people to share the love they have received; to act as energetic and renewing influences in their churches, youth groups, and schools; and to keep their faith and fire alive by participating in Next Steps groups and occasional gatherings of the entire Chrysalis community.

Chrysalis significantly impacts the spiritual lives of young people and makes a difference in the ecumenical body of Christ. (*)

(*) From “What is Chrysalis” by Sharlyn DeHaven Gates.
Copyright © 2003 by Upper Room Books.
All rights reserved. Used with permission.
Video: Introduction to Chrysalis. Used with permission.

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Who should go to Chrysalis?

CHRYSALIS is for the development of Christian youth who:

• Wish to strengthen their friendship with Christ;
• May have unanswered questions about prayer, study, and sharing their faith;
• Understand that being a friend of Christ, or Christian, involves responsibility;
• Are open to dedicating their everyday life to God in an ongoing manner.

Find a Sponsor

Everyone who attends a Chrysalis weekend is required to have a sponsor. A sponsor is a person who has previously been on a Chrysalis or a Walk to Emmaus weekend. A sponsor supports and encourages you before, during and after your Chrysalis weekend. At Caro United Methodist Church we have an ever growing group of persons who would be glad to be your sponsor. Please use this link to ask for help in finding your sponsor or for more information.

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