Caro United Methodist Church has installed a hearing loop in our Sanctuary.


An audio frequency induction loop, (hearing loop), has been installed in our sanctuary!

This technology is designer to work with telecoil equipped hearing aids and hand held individual loop receivers, that allows hearing assistive devices to serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, sharp, customized sound right into the inside of your ears.

By placing your hearing aids in the telecoil program, you will hear all sound that is broadcast, clearly. Sound will be free of distortion and echo, you will hear customized sound based on your individual audiometric prescription which will extend the functionality of your telecoil equipped hearing aids.

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Look for this symbol and switch hearing aid to T-coil Get into the Loop!

If you you are unsure if your hearing aid has a t-coil or how to switch to t-coil program please contact your audiologist and ask for assistance.