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News Letter for July 2017

The Pastor's Pen

For many people, summer is a time for kicking back, relaxing, and slowing down. It's times for vacations, road trips, and fun and games in the Sun. The summer holidays are associated with laid-back secular celebrations, rather than the religious significance attached to the "big" holidays. And so, many people find this an ideal time to take a break from the church routine. Sleep in, do some fishing, eat a lazy Sunday brunch on the patio. Let me give you some reasons to reconsider that course of action-spiritual, and practical.

So let's start with the spiritual. The summer months comprise what's known in the Church Year as "Ordinary Time." As one writer explains, "In Ordinary Time, the Church celebrates the mystery of Christ not in one specific aspect but in all its aspects." Advent talks about the coming of Jesus. Christmastide typically focuses on his early life and ministry. Lent is a time of reflection and discipline, while Easter speaks of his life-giving resurrection from the dead. But in Ordinary Time, there's a focus not so much on what Jesus did in his earthly ministry, but what he does now to help us become the people God wants us to be. Ordinary Time, like the summer itself, is the time of growth. Following on the heels of Pentecost, it celebrates the continued presence of Christ with us in the person of the Holy Spirit, who works to transform us into the image of God.

This summer, we'll start off Ordinary Time with a celebration of Confirmation and welcoming new members into the church. I'll then continue my sermon series on the Apostles' Creed, before moving on to the Book of Acts. We'll also have some special presentations, including our VBS program and a report from our Missions team. And who knows-maybe a special musical program one Sunday? There will be lots of opportunities for you to grow in your walk with Christ.

Now, the practical reasons for staying involved this summer:

To put it simply-we need you. We need your smiles to help us feel comfortable. We need your voices to help us sing. We need your financial gifts to help pay the bills. We need your prayers to help us believe that we can make changes in ourselves, our community, and our world. It's hard to worship when the sanctuary is more than half empty. Instead of focusing on the hymns, the Scriptures, and the Sermons, we're distracted by empty seats. Some might even be asking themselves what's the point of coming out to church, if so many other people don't think it's important?

And one more thing to think about. Studies have shown that families are more likely to visit a church during the summer than during the school year. How likely do you think they'll be to return, if they find our sanctuary nearly empty on Sunday morning? If we don't seem interested in what's happening here, why should our neighbors be?
These appeals might sound a little Crass, but I don't know how better to phrase it. Your church needs you. There are good things happening here in the Summer. Come on in and be a blessing

Pastor Tony


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Worship Opportunities for July 2017

July 2nd - Fourth Sunday After Pentecost
9:30 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
Gospel Lesson Luke 18:9-14, Message Text: New Testament: 1 John 1:5-10
Message: "I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sin"


July 9th - Fifth Sunday After Pentecost
9:30 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
New Testament:1 Corinthians 15:50-57 Message Text: New Testament: Revelation 7:9-17
Message: "I Believe in the Life Everlasting"


July 16th - Sixth Sunday After Pentecost
9:30 AM Worship - Vacation Bible School Celebration
Epistle Lesson:Romans 13:8-10 Message Text: Epistle Lesson Romans 5:1-8
Message: "What Would We Die For?"


July 23rd - Seventh Sunday After Pentecost
9:30 AM Worship


July 30th - Eighth Sunday After Pentecost
9:30 AM Worship with UP Mission Team Presentation


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Camp News

Thank you so much for your Support for camp. Applications are pouring in and many children/teens will be shown the love of Christ at camps through your personal donations (which were over $500 in May) as well as support from Caro United Methodist Women and Education Department. Additional gifts are always welcomed and needed. Prayers and locating children/youth to attend camp are other ways to participate.
Children, youth and adults have many opportunities to participate in Christian Camping for 2017. One is Bay Shore Camp. Another is Michigan Camps, Retreats and Campgrounds, (formerly Detroit Conference Camps). Other Christian Camps are available. A camp table in the Narthex has camp brochures and registration is also available online. Also on the table is an application for a Scholarship from CUMC. If Completing a paper copy of Camp application, turn it in with the scholarship form to the Church office and it will be mailed to the Camp. When registering on-line, place a copy of payment along with the Scholarship request in the Bahr church mailbox.

Upcoming Events at Bay Shore Camp are:
1. Family Camp July 29 - August 4
2. Lloyd Severance Thumb Gospel Convention August 24 - 27

If you have any questions, please contact Coni Bahr

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement to the children and youth in our church.


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The United Methodist Women will meet at Margaret Hamilton's home on July 19th for a potluck meal at 6 PM.


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 Special Announcement

Harvest Dinner and Auction

The church is in need of a coordinator for the Annual Harvest Dinner and Auction that will be held November 4 this year. The former coordinator is Willing to work with the new person to help with planning and smooth the Way for a change in leadership. If you are interested in this position, please Contact Suzann PeterSen at 989-286-6253. Thank You!



During the summer there will continue to be child care available during the worship service for infants-kindergarten and Children's Church for children in grades 1st- 5th. We still need volunteers to keep these programs going. There is a sign-up sheet on the welcome center or contact Pat Teller or Coni Bahr if you can help (even for just one Sunday).

Please contact Pat Teller


The CROP Walk is being planned for October, 2017.

The walk will be a coordinated effort between all of the churches in Caro. We are in need of a person from our church who is willing to be our representative to the planning committee and is willing to organize the walk within our church. If you have an interestin doing that, please contact Pastor Tony.



REMINDER: The Upper Room and Our Daily Bread devotional booklets are available in the literature racks in the Narthex.




You can support our church's mission work while honoring or remembering an important person or event in your life by making a donation to light the Missions Candle on the altar. The Missions Candle will be lit at the morning services on the Sunday you choose. A note acknowledging your donation will appear in the bulletin on that same Sunday, and your, donation will be used to support our church's mission work. Brochures are available in the Welcome Center that explain the procedure for donating. There is a suggested donation of $25, but any amount will be accepted to light the Mission Candle..



The Power of Prayer

 If you have a prayer request for our church Prayer. Chain, please call Joan Morrison. If she is not available, please call Marly Carr or the church office at 673-2246. If you would like to be a part of the Prayer Chain, please contact Joan Morrison.


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"Like" us at CARO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH for pictures, announcements and updates!


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The Good Samaritan Fund of Tuscola County Churches

~ Anchor Cove Outreach Church ~ Assembly of God ~ Caro St. Christopher Parish ~ Caro United Methodist ~
~ Colwood Church ~ Community of Christ ~ First Presbyterian ~ Kingston United Methodist ~
~ Lighthouse Baptist ~ Living Waters Chapel ~ New Creation Community ~ Refiner's Fire Ministries ~
~ Shabbona United Methodist ~ St. Paul Lutheran ~ Wahjamega Country ~

Report for
June 1 - 30, 2017

We want to thank everyone for your continued support. It means so much to the people and families being served. Your dollars and donated food items help many in need.

To help pay bills: We dispersed $5,688.24 serving 19 households (60 persons).

From the food pantry: We dispersed 5,404 pounds of food serving 103 households (417 persons). In addition, to keep the food pantry supplied with food, we spent $57.12.

Thanks once more for your generosity!

Summary of Totals

Total number of households served 112. 

Total number of people served 451 (Adults 270 Children 181). Some may have received both bills paid and food. 

Groceries given out 5,404 pounds.

Total money dispersed $5,745.36 (Gasoline Cards - $200.00) (Housing - $1,125.00) (Medical Supplies - $300.00) (Utilities - $3,689.77) (Other Items - $373.47) (Food Pantry Supplies - $57.12)

Income & Expense Report

Total Deposits $6,412.00  ($3,832.00 for paying bills +$2,580.00 for Food Pantry)
Total Expenses $26.65  (Charter Phone Service - $26.65)

Reported by Bernard Kreh

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Thank You:

On behalf of the family of Charlie Butcher, I want to extend my thanks to Pastor Tony for the prayers and visit to the hospital, and to my friends and church family for the cards, prayers and luncheon. Thanks for everything. Mary & Kim Butcher

Thank you sincerely for sharing our sorrow. Your kindness is appreciated and will always be remembered by the family of Bill Reavey. Thanks so much for the lovely plant-for all your care and concerns. Peg Reavey

Sympathy: Our sincere sympathy to the following families on the loss of loved ones -

To Jean and Judy Mohr and family on the death of sister and aunt, Marion Rushlo, of Tavares, Florida on May 10


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Ministers: Our 357 Members
Pastor: Rev. Tony Tomasino
Administrative Asst: Brenda Ryan
Organist: Nancy Reim
Choir Director: Katie Volmering

Custodians: Jo Emery
Maintenance Custodian: Mark McCracken
Treasurer: Shona Vennevy
Financial Secretary: Sandy Lippowiths
District Superintendent: Rev. David Kim
Bishop of Michigan Area: David Bard







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