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News Letter for September 2017

The Pastor's Pen

Dear Members of Caro UMC,

Some of you are familiar with VCI, the Vital Church Initiative being promoted by the Detroit conference of the United Methodist Church. The Vital Church Initiative seeks to put tools into the hands of local churches to help them to Succeed in their mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ. There are Several phases to the program. The first involved reading books, attending meetings, and discussing issues pertinent to the church's vitality. The next phase would involve a team of consultants visiting us for a weekend and conducting interviews with church leaders and mentors. They'd then give us a list of recommendations for how our church could become more "vital."

For a variety of reasons, our VCI team decided not to move on to Phase 2 at this time. But we didn't want to stand still, either. We want to bring more of the congregation into this process, and get your input into the revitalization effort. Here's our plan: We're agreed that one of the most practical books we have read for this process is Robert Schnase's "Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations". Some of you are familiar with this book, since it was used several years ago for small group study in our congregation. But this time, we want to bring the insights of this book to a broader audience. We want MANY of you to read this book, and to join together in conversation about it. So in the month of September, if at all possible, we'd like all of you to read the introduction and first chapter of the Five Practices, about "Radical Hospitality." (Many of you already have copies; I'll also place six copies in the library to read and pass around. Finally, I'll prepare a short synopsis that you can read.) On the last Sunday of September after Second service, we'll have a lunch gathering - brain storming session to talk about the ideas presented in this chapter, and to identify some concrete steps we can take to make our church more hospitable. If all goes well, we'll follow up by reading the next chapter in October. We'll do Chapter 3 in November; Chapter 4 in December; and we'll finish our study in January.

What do we hope to achieve through this effort? At the very least, we might hope to raise awareness of VCI, get a chunk of our Congregation members on board, and prepare to move forward in the program. At the most, we can devise some practical steps that our congregation can take to become more vital and fruitful. NO ONE knows our church and our community better than we do. If we put together our collective heads, commit ourselves to prayer, and agree to listen to one another with respect and consideration, I believe we can come up with a plan for revitalizing our church that will enable us to significantly impact this community with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Tony


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Worship Opportunities for September 2017

September 3rd - Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost
9:30 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
New Testament Message: Acts 6:1-7, Message Text: New Testament Lesson: James 3:1-8
Message: "Sharing the Load"


September 10th - Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost
8:30 and 11 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM
New Testament Lesson: Mark 12:28-34, Message Text: New Testament Lesson: Matthew 18:1-7
Message: "The Teacher's Burden"


September 17th - Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost
8:30 and 11 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM
Old Testament Lesson: Deuteronomy 1:1-8, Message Text: New Testament Lesson: 1 John 4:7-16
Message: "The Law of Love"


September 24th - Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost
8:30 and 11 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM
Old Testament Lesson: Deuteronomy 10:12-22, Message Text: New Testament Lesson: John 6:48-58
Message: "The God of the Big Welcome"



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Caro United Methodist Church Mission Committee

Dear Church Family,
     Jack Case whp wrote the book "Only the Prominent" has given us the last 15 books left in print. We have decided to sell then for $10 each. The money raised will go to buy school supplies for needy children. This book is very well done, has many pohotos, is printed on very nice paper and features many families from our church. It tells the story of the tragedy on Tawas Bay that the youth group attended in 1943. Jean Mohr is mentioned as well as Doris Moore, Charles Hunt, and several others. Jack Case wrote the book in memory of his classmates who were lost that day. If you would like to preview a copy of the book we hove it in our church library. (book number 92 Cas - located On the top shelf by the check out desk). To buy a copy please contact Verda Smith or Virginia Shay

The Noisy Offering for September will be used for Spoonful of Plenty meal in November.

The Mission Committee will be collecting school supplies in the month of September for distribution to the local schools. Be on the look-out for sales as you shop this summer. A tub will be available in the narthex for your donations.

The next Mission Committee meeting will be Tuesday, September 12th at 6:30 PM in the parlor. New members are always welcome.

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Camp News

Because of your tremendous support, many students were blessed to attend Camp this Summer. Here is a summary of Campers (a financial statement will be in the October Hilltop).

Total Number of Campers          18
Male                                        10 
Female                                      8
Caro UMC Affiliation                   8
Other church Affiliation               5
No Church Affiliation                   5
Full Scholarship                        11
Partial Scholarship                      2
1st-4th grade                             2
5th-8th grade                           13
9th- 12th grade                          3
2 campers attended Barakel Camp and 16 campers Bay Shore Camp.

Thanks so much for your prayers and contributions, they are a gift of love to many.

Upcoming Events at Bay Shore Camp are:
1. Women of Excellence Leadership Conference Sept. 15-17
2. Celebration Banquet Sept. 23
3. Ladies Day Sept. 30
4. Family Fun Days Oct. 6-7
5. Crafter's DIY Oct. 13-15
For further information contact Bay Shore Camp
Phone: 989-883-25O1 Website: or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you have any questions, please contact Coni Bahr

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement to the children and youth in our church.


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Please turn in your reading logs to Virginia Shay as soon as possible.

United Methodist Women meeting Wednesday September 6th at 7 PM in the parlor.

United Methodist Women - Hope Circle meeting September13th at 7 PM at Virginia Shay's home.

2018 umw assembly

You are invited to the 2018 United Methodist Women Assembly. READ it here, and WATCH the video. For more information or to register go to

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 Special Announcement

Fall Schedule Begins September 10th

FALL SCHEDULE BEGINS SEPTEMBER 10 Worship Services at 8:30 & 11 a.m. Sunday School classes for all ages at 9:30 a.m. EVERYONE WELCOME


HELP WANTED - We are looking for a Chior Director

If you are interested, please send letter of interest to Staff Parish Relations Committee - Attention: Angie Farris.
Caro United Methodist Church
670 Gilford Rd.
Caro, MI 48723-1011


Dinner for Eight 2017

Dinner for Eight is a group of eight people singles or couples who get together four times a year to eat and fellowship with each other. It is a good way to get to know your fellow church members. They will become your church family. It is so much easier to pray for people you know.

Each group decides when they will meet. Even if you leave for the winter, you can still join Dinner for Eight. People with special dietary needs have also joined our group. Let your group host/hostess know of your allergy or we have had people bring their own meal with them. They said they didn't want to miss out on this special fellowship just because of their allergies.

All that is required is that you host one meeting. It can be in your home, at a restaurant or in a park. Usually the host/hostess fixes the main dish, one person or couple brings the vegetable, another the Salad and another the dessert. Meeting in ones home is usually much more relaxed and easier to visit and get to know each other. Contact Virginia Shay for more information.



Saginaw Bay District Conference

Saginaw Bay District Conference 2017 Sat. Sept.16, at Tawas UMC Cost S10 includes Breakfast and Lunch Sign-up sheet on the welcome Center
Theme is "Bring Your Best"
Each Church has been asked to bring their
"Best" Ministry to Showcase


REMINDER: The Upper Room and Our Daily Bread devotional booklets are available in the literature racks in the Narthex.


 ATTENTION: Colleae Students and Parents

Please let us know your address for this fall so you won't miss our mailings from the church. Notify Brenda in the church office or place in Ron Laeder's mailbox. Also include your e-mail address if you will have one at college. We need to hear from you even if the address is the same as last year. Thanks for making our job easier.



Sunday School kicks off September 10th with "HOLY DONUTS". Everyone is invited at 9:30 a.m. in the Pavilion. Fun, games, prizes and DONUTS.

This fall there are classes for Preschool thru Adults. Preschool and Kindergarten are in the middle nursery room. First thru 5th grades meet downstairs as a One Room Sunday School. The Drama Class for 6th thru High School are again with Robin in the Youth Room, (Remember, you don't have to be a performer to be part of this group.)

The adult class that is studying through the Bible with Mary Beth Jarvis and Daryl Randall will continue to meeting in the parlor. The Pastor's class will again convene in the library.

Come, join us on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30. Everyone-young, middle, older-is encouraged to attend



WinSome Women Retreat

WinSome Women Retreat - Do you Want to discover breakthroughs and gain insights for spiritual growth and deeper relationships? WinSome Women retreat is presenting Elisa Morgan, Gary Thomas, LaDonna Gatlin and award-winning musicians Selah to inspire and encourage you on your journey, Don't miss out. Be sure to come with your family and friends and experience enriching speakers, uplifting worship, and the ambiance of Grand Hotel on beautiful Mackinac Island. Mark your calendar for the fall retreats October 17 & 18, 18 & 19, and 19 & 20. Register now at

Worship Leaders

If you are interested in being a worship leader for the 2017 - 2018 year, please see Gerry Thorp or the Church office. New faces are always welcome.





You can support our church's mission work while honoring or remembering an important person or event in your life by making a donation to light the Missions Candle on the altar. The Missions Candle will be lit at the morning services on the Sunday you choose. A note acknowledging your donation will appear in the bulletin on that same Sunday, and your, donation will be used to support our church's mission work. Brochures are available in the Welcome Center that explain the procedure for donating. There is a suggested donation of $25, but any amount will be accepted to light the Mission Candle..



The Power of Prayer

 If you have a prayer request for our church Prayer. Chain, please call Joan Morrison. If she is not available, please call Marly Carr or the church office at 673-2246. If you would like to be a part of the Prayer Chain, please contact Joan Morrison.


find us on facebook

"Like" us at CARO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH for pictures, announcements and updates!


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The Good Samaritan Fund of Tuscola County Churches

Anchor Cove Outreach Church ~ Assembly of God ~ Caro St. Christopher Parish
Caro United Methodist ~ Colwood Church ~ Community of Christ ~ First Presbyterian
Kingston United Methodist ~ Lighthouse Baptist ~ Living Waters Chapel ~ New Creation Community
Refiner's Fire Ministries ~ Shabbona United Methodist ~ St. Paul Lutheran ~ Wahjamega Country

Report for
August 1 - 31, 2017

We want to thank everyone for your continued support. It means so much to the people and families being served. Your dollars and donated food items help many in need.

To help pay bills: We dispersed $5,245.57 serving 14 households (42 persons).

From the food pantry: We dispersed 4,819 pounds of food serving 100 households (336 persons). In addition, to keep the food pantry supplied with food, we spent $230.76.

Thanks once more for your generosity!

Summary of Totals

Total number of households served 111. 

Total number of people served 369 (Adults 244 Children 125). Some may have received both bills paid and food. 

Groceries given out 4,819 pounds.

Total money dispersed $5,476.33 (Gasoline Cards - $20.00) (Housing - $2,991.00) (Medical Supplies - $Zero) (Utilities - $1,883.69) (Other Items - $350.88) (Food Pantry Supplies - $230.76)

Income & Expense Report

Total Deposits $2,463.00  ($1,981.00 for paying bills + $482.00 for Food Pantry)
Total Expenses $Zero

Reported by Bernard Kreh

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Thank You:

Dear Church Family, I want to thank you with gratitude for the many expressions of caring, calls, visits, cards and meals. Each one was deeply appreciated, with a grateful heart, God's Blessings and Love, Nancy Bortel.

Sympathy: Our sincere sympathy to the following families on the loss of loved ones -

To the family of Joanne Crawford on her death on August 11, 2017


To Bob & Carol Weisenreder are proud to announce the birth of a grandson, Rhett Wesley. He was born on August 9th to Dan & Lisa Weisenreder of Ludington. He weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces. He joins sisters Kirin and Aletta.

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Ministers: Our 359 Members
Pastor: Rev. Tony Tomasino
Administrative Asst: Brenda Ryan
Organist: Nancy Reim
Choir Director:

Custodians: Jo Emery
Maintenance Custodian: Mark McCracken
Treasurer: Shona Vennevy
Financial Secretary: Sandy Lippowiths
District Superintendent: Rev. David Kim
Bishop of Michigan Area: Rev. David Bard









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