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News Letter for February 2018

The Pastor's Pen

Walking around Walmart the other day, it was painfully obvious that Valentine's Day is on its way. Aisles were newly stocked with heart-shaped boxes of candy, red-and-black teddy bears, and lots of R-rated greeting cards, And then, there was the lingerie department. If the styles and see through material weren't suggestive enough, the slogans and pictures made the intention quite clear. These naughty nighties weren't made for sleeping!

Now personally, I have nothing against a married couple adding a little spice to their love life (although l'm not crazy about the idea of putting the pepper on public display). But it is discouraging to me to see how deeply the Valentine's Day celebration has come to be associated with the idea of illicit sex. It's a biting irony that one of the most common images of Saint Valentine's Day is a little red devil. Commemorating a saint with a demon! What's next - a Methodist university in North Carolina with a blue devil as its mascot?

According to legend, St. Valentine was a Christian martyr who was arrested because he defied the Roman emperor's order against performing Christian marriage ceremonies. But there in prison, he began reaching out to the prisoners, and even tried to persuade the emperor himself to become a Christian. Fort his crime, he was punished with death. Valentine certainly seems to have been a "romantic," placing the value of marriage above his personal safety. But it was for a greater love that he gave his life - the love of his fellow human beings, and his passion for sharing the Good News of life in Christ.

Our world has become terribly mixed up in its understanding of love. There's a general notion that it has to be "bad" if it's going to be "good." It's no wonder spouse abuse is on the rise. Saint Valentine reminds us that real love involves sacrifice. It means making ourselves uncomfortable for the sake of another's happiness. It might even mean giving our lives, if it can bring another to life. We probably can't explain love in ways that the world will understand. It's become too much of a joke to our society. But perhaps we can model a love that they can appreciate. Remember the Amish community that reached out and comforted the widow of the man who had killed five of their children, before taking his own life? The world shook its head in wonder. But I have no doubt that St. Valentine would have done the same. Would we?


Pastor Tony

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Worship Opportunities for February 2018

February 4th - Fifth Sunday after Epiphany
8:30 and 11 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM
Old Testament Lesson: Ecclesiastes 3:1-13, Message Text: New Testament Luke 10:38-42
Message: "Overcoming the Tyranny of the Urgent"


February 11th - Transfiguration Sunday, Scouting Sunday
8:30 and 11 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM
New Testament Lesson: Philippians 3:14-4:1, Message Text: New Testament Lesson: Luke 13:31-35
Message: "Prophet Killers"

February 14th - Ash Wednesday Service in the Chapel at 7 PM

February 18th - First Sunday in Lent Sunday, Camp Sunday
8:30 and 11 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM

February 24 6:30 PM - Coffee, Prayers and Praise, a Saturday alternative worship service in fellowship hall (church basement)

February 25th - Second Sunday in Lent
8:30 and 11 AM Worship with Rev. Tony Tomasino
Sunday School for all ages at 9:30 AM
Message Text: New Testament Lesson: Matthew 5:1-3
Message: "Blessed are the Poor."


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Youth Group

This month we have a few things going on. I will be at Bayshore a few times during January to talk with and council kids. I have posted a calendar in the west entrance of the Church for youth events, games, and
concerts. Please remember to check for upcoming events and feel free to post anything youth related on it! Have a blessed month!!


Contact Brett Green.

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Caro United Methodist Church Mission Committee

Noisy Offering

The Mission Committee will be collecting again on the second Sunday of each month. Our February for Spoonful of Plenty; March for Bayshore Camp funding; April for Bishop Love offering for annual conference, and May will go to Mission team trip.

Pastor Tony suggested another way to help fund our local projects and the committee all agreed. Two collection tubes will be placed by each outside entry way, the first of February. So, if you happen to miss a second Sunday noisy can collection, or would like to add your "Change for the Better", please do so. In addition to the local Spoonful's of Plenty collection in February, the UMC has its yearly Blanket Sunday offering. This will take place on February 25th. If you have any questions or concerns, please let someone on the committee know.

Thank you for your continued support

Blessings to you always,
Mission Committee

Henderson Settlement Mission Trip

Caro United Methodist Church will be joining Cass City UMC and Wisner UMC for a Mission Trip to Henderson Settlement in Frakes, KY this summer. Henderson Settlement is part of the Red Bird Missionary Conference of the United Methodist Church. The settlement was established in one of the poorest regions of the United States in the 1930's and continues to provide a multitude of ministries to the people in the area.

The Mission Team will be involved in construction projects that support the ministry of the settlement. Members are needed with many skill levels from beginner to experienced. Youth must be 13 to travel without a family member.

The trip will be June 17-23, and the first team meeting is Sunday, March 11 at 2:00 in the Caro UMC parlor. Call Suzann Petersen at 989-286-6253 if you have questions or are interested in being part of the team. Please consider
stepping out in faith and being the hands and feet of God as we serve the people of Henderson Settlement.


UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) had delivered compassionate care and assistance to dozens of disaster-stricken regions of the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands this year. More relief is on its way and
will continue into the future, so your support is appreciated now more than ever. Here is a brief summary of UMCOR's response so far to a few of these events from the recent hurricane season.

Hurricane Maria Response in Puerto Rico
Collected: 32,256 hygiene kits, 3,332 layette kits, 6,732 cleaning buckets, 11,760 school kits, 48,960 bottles of water and $3.8 Million in disaster relief and recovery grants.

Hurricane Harvey Response in Texas and Louisiana
Distributed: 12,050 cleaning buckets, 5,469 hygiene kits, $2.3 Million in disaster relief and recovery grants

Hurricane Irma Response in Florida
Distributed: 5,616 cleaning buckets, 2,688 hygiene kits, $1 Million in disaster relief and recovery grants

Caro UMC collected $1917 for UMCOR disaster relief.

Thank you for your love, compassion, and support!

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Camp News

2018 Camp Opportunities


Christian camps provide a safe, fun place to learn about Jesus and share Christian fellowship. Any child or youth who would like to attend a camp can do so, even if they do not attend our church. If monetary support is needed, it will be provided.

While campers are able to select any Christian camp, we have registration materials available for Michigan Area Camps and Bay Shore Camp. The United Methodist Church (Michigan Area Camps) has 9 summer camps which are: Albright (Reed City), Kinawind (Boyne Falls), Crystal Springs (Dowagiac), Judson Collins (Onsted), Lake Huron (Burtchville), Lake Michigan (Pentwater), Wesley Woods (Dowling), Lakeview (Lakeview) and Myers Lake (Byron) Camps. Bay Shore Camp (Sebewaing) has in the past been affiliated with Michigan United Methodist Camps.

Brochures for the Michigan Area Camps and Bay Shore Camp will be on the table in the narthex on February 4th; as will Caro UMC Campership forms. When registering for Bay Shore ( please complete and turn in application, health form and campership form. Place them in the Bahr's church mailbox or in the CUMC office. When registering for Michigan Area Camps ( the registration form and campership form should be
completed (the health, release and release of liability forms must all be turned in the first day of camp) and be placed in the Bahr's CUMC mailbox or turned in to the Caro UMC office.

Another way to register is on-line. If registration is completed on-line, provide a copy of the registration and a completed campership form in the Bahr's CUMC mailbox or the Caro UMC church office.

Register early as camps tend to fill up quickly.

The noisy offering for March will be designated for camp scholarships. Donations are welcomed at any time and should be labeled "camp fund". They may be placed in an offering plate or turned in to the church office.

Upcoming Events at Bay Shore Camp

1. Men's Retreat March 23-24
2. Spring Crafters DIY April 6-8
3; Spring Quilters Retreat April 13-15
4. Annual Benefit Auction April 28


If you have any questions, please contact Coni Bahr

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement to the children and youth in our church and community!


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We want to thank you for saving your Vg's sales slips. The part of the sales slips we need are the part that says "DIRECT YOUR DOLLARS'. We have collected 30,000 points So far.


2018 umw assembly

You are invited to the 2018 United Methodist Women Assembly. READ it here, and WATCH the video. For more information or to register go to


UNITED METHODIST WOMEN want to thank you for saving your VG's sales slips. The part of the sales slips we need are the part that says "DIRECT YOUR DOLLARS". We have collected 30,000 points so far.

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Special Announcement

Following are the projects and ministries Caro United Methodist Church supported during 2017:

Apportionments Paid - 100%             $32,527.00
 DAC Mission & Ministry Projects: God's Country Cooperative Parish                  $266.54
 DAC District Projects:  
      Good Samaritan Fund of Tuscola County Churches                $9615.50
      New Heart UMC                  $115.68
 Global Missionaries: Mary Randall Zigbuo                  $200.00
 International General Advance Ministries  
      Foods Resource Bank Heifer International                    $100.00
      Fill the Ark                  $100.00
 USA General Advance Ministries:  
     Out in Faith                  $100.00
     Henderson Settlement                  $100.00
 United Methodist Committee on Relief Projects:  
     UMCOR Sunday                $1264.73
     UMCOR Disaster Relief                $1917.00
     Haiti                    $10.00
     Blanket Sunday                  $476.42
 Conference Covenant Partnership with Haiti and/or Liberia:  
     Grace Children's Hospital                  $100.00
     Brighter Future Children Rescue Center                  $100.00



February 14 - Valentine's Day - is also Ash Wednesday this year. We'll be having a short service in the chapel at 7 p.m,. to mark the beginning of Lent. Instead of ashes (not an Old Methodist tradition, really), we'll
be using other symbols to remind us of the significance of this season. Please join us as we set aside some time to intentionally draw closer to the Lord.


The Thumb Area Crisis and Assault Center is in need of cold/flu season supplies. If you would like to donate adult or children's Tylenol and/or cold or cough syrups and medicines, it would be appreciated. There will be a small basket in the narthex for you to deposit them in. Thank you - stay warm and healthy!



Applications accepted January 1 - March 31

Purpose of this Scholarship is to provide financial support to individuals pursuing post-secondary education. Applications are available here.

Bower Scholarship Committee


Bible Study

Pastor Tony is leading a Bible study on the Book of Revelation. The study will be held on the second and fourth Thursday each month starting at 9 a.m., then again in the at 7 p.m.



REACH MISSION TRIP TEAM will be coming to our area in summer 2018.If you would like a team to help with repairs/projects around your home, fill out one of the application forms available on the information table in the narthex.


REMINDER: The Upper Room and Our Daily Bread devotional booklets are available in the literature racks in the Narthex.



First Presbyterian Church of Caro announces the first program of 2017-1018. Friends of Music series. The concerts include music for the organ and organ plus flute. Concerts are open to the public and free of charge. First Presbyterian Church. “American Classic” organ and its 1903 building are physical assets - cultural treasurers- that the congregation wishes to share generously with the community. The Friends of Music series programmatically responds to this mission. The series welcomes the support of patrons to cover program expenses, to commission new music works, to celebrate the pipe organ's seventieth birthday, and to maintain the instrument. If you have any questions or would like to become a patron - remember all gifts are tax deductible and will be credited in concert programs.

Friday March 2 at 12:00 p.m. Music and the Spoken Word for the Lenton Season.
Friday, April 27 at 12:00 p.m. Music and the Spoken Work for the Easter Season.




You can support our church's mission work while honoring or remembering an important person or event in your life by making a donation to light the Missions Candle on the altar. The Missions Candle will be lit at the morning services on the Sunday you choose. A note acknowledging your donation will appear in the bulletin on that same Sunday, and your, donation will be used to support our church's mission work. Brochures are available in the Welcome Center that explain the procedure for donating. There is a suggested donation of $25, but any amount will be accepted to light the Mission Candle..



The Power of Prayer

If you have a prayer request for our church Prayer. Chain, please call Joan Morrison. If she is not available, please call Marly Carr or the church office at 673-2246. If you would like to be a part of the Prayer Chain, please contact Joan Morrison.


find us on facebook

"Like" us at CARO UNITED METHODIST CHURCH for pictures, announcements and updates!


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The Good Samaritan Fund of Tuscola County Churches

Anchor Cove Outreach Church ~ Assembly of God ~ Caro St. Christopher Parish
Caro United Methodist ~ Colwood Church ~ Community of Christ ~ Caro First Presbyterian
Deford Community Church ~ Kingston United Methodist ~ Lighthouse Baptist ~ Living Waters Chapel
New Creation Community ~ Shabbona United Methodist ~ St. Paul Lutheran ~ Wahjamega Country

Report for
January 1 - 31, 2018

We want to thank everyone for your continued support. It means so much to the people and families being served. Your dollars and donated food items help many in need.

To help pay bills: We dispersed $3,984.14 serving 9 households (24 persons).

From the food pantry: We dispersed 5,927 pounds of food serving 114 households (375 persons). In addition, to keep our food pantry supplied with food, we spent $14.450.45 ($14,285.57 of that to our account at Food Bank of Eastern Michigan for future purchases).

Thanks once more for your generosity!

Summary of Totals

Total number of households served 120.

Total number of people served 392 (Adults 266 Children 126). Some may have received both bills paid and food.

Groceries given out 5,927 pounds.

Total money dispersed $18,434.59 (Gasoline Cards - $30.00) (Housing - $2,135.00) (Medical Supplies - $Zero) (Utilities - $1,479.32) (Other Items - $339.82) (Food Pantry Supplies - $14,450.45)

Income & Expense Report

Total Deposits $34,292.92 ($21,230.29 for paying bills + $13,062.63 for the Food Pantry)
Total Expenses $59.98.
(Charter Phone Service and half of FAX line service - $59.98)

Reported by Bernard Kreh

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Sympathy: Our sincere sympathy to the following families on the loss of loved ones -

To Ernest and Pat Teller on the death of his brother Isaac Teller on December 31, 2017.


Ben and Kayla are proud to announce the birth of their son Walter Benjamin Perry Aleksink. He was born on January 2,2018 and weighed 7lb. 13 oz. He was welcomed home by big sister Alayiah Reese. Grandparents are Jennifer and Perry Aleksink. Great Grandparents are Terry and Virginia Shay and Tony and Shirley Aleksink. Great Great Grandparents are Savilla Cogan and Irene Hiser.

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Ministers: Our 330 Members
Pastor: Rev. Tony Tomasino
Administrative Asst: Brenda Ryan
Organist: Nancy Reim
Youth Director: Brett Green
Custodians: Jo Emery
Maintenance Custodian: Mark McCracken
Treasurer: Shona Vennevy
Financial Secretary: Sandy Lippowiths
District Superintendent: Rev. David Kim
Bishop of Michigan Area: Rev. David Bard




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