This Sunday - July 23rd                            
tony tomasino

The Gideons were founded in 1899 by two Christian businessmen who happened to meet in a Wisconsin hotel. To date, more than 2 billion Gideon Bibles have been placed in hotels, schools, and prisons around the world. Gideons do not preach or comment on the texts they distribute; they believe it’s best to let the Bible speak for itself. And the results have often been dramatic.

Ever hear of Tommy James and the Shondells? Tommy credits the Gideon Bible he found in a hotel room in 1966 with saving his life, and bringing him to salvation. “That Bible being there was critical. It was an appointment with destiny,” he writes. Read more.   Mary Kay Bird, a notorious safecracker on the FBI’s most wanted list, found a Gideon Bible in her cell in an Alabama jail. As she read the words of the Prophet Ezekiel, “A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you,” she sensed that this was truly what she wanted in her life. She fell to her knees in her cell and prayed for God’s help and forgiveness. When she was later released from prison, she founded Project Angel Tree. Read more.

The stories of the transforming power of God’s Word are numerous. And you can hear more about the work of the Gideons this Sunday, as David Janson, Membership Chairman for our local Gideons chapter, will come and share his account of the good work of Gideons in our community and our world.

Pastor Tony