This Sunday - November 19th                           

With Thanksgiving upon us, a lot of people will be getting together with family and friends for special celebrations. Mostly, those will be good times. But occasionally . . . well . . . there are some folks that we’d rather NOT have show up at the table. The uncle with the off-color jokes. The teenage cousin with the attitude. The mother-in-law who criticizes everything. We’re not so thankful for those folks.

But have you ever wondered if you might be a person that people aren’t so thankful for?

Oh, of course not. They all love you! Or at least you think they do. Do they?

Okay, enough obsessing about whether or not everyone is happy to see you at the family gatherings. The fact is, you can’t please all the people all the time, unless you choose to do nothing of significance—and no one wants to be that person. If you do anything in life that makes a difference, there will be people who won’t like you.

But just make sure they don’t like you for the right reasons.

Don’t make them loathe you because of your bad manners or coarse sense of humor or drama queen persona. Let them hate you because your generous spirit puts their stinginess to shame. Or because your purity of speech and expression makes them feel sullied. Or because you refuse to rise to the occasion when they’re trying to bait you, taking all the fun out of their taunting. Or because you refuse to partake in their prejudice and pettiness, making them feel exposed as ignorant boors.

If you behave like that, you just might make some people resent you. But you’ll probably make a lot more people thankful to be in your company. And maybe, even, some of them will want to be a little more like you—because you’re trying to be a little more like Jesus.

Of course, not everyone liked him, either. You can’t please all the people all the time!


Pastor Tony